Oil Pollution and Conservation of Biodiversity

    • Introduction, Xaver Monbailliu MEDMARAVIS
    • Editors Preface, John Walmsley
    • Bernard Cadiou, Delphine Chenesseau and Hervé Joslain : « The immediate impact of the Erika oil spill on seabirds »
    • Mauro Fasola : “Monitoring seabird populations in the Mediterranean and the risks from oil pollution”
    • Bayram Ozturk : “Oil spills in the Turkish Straits System and the threats to Marine Biodiversity”.
    • Christina M. Fortuna, L. Marsili and Giancarlo Lauriano : “The effects of oil spill on Cetaceans”
    • Phillip Fox, Michelle L. Taylor and Ian May : “Providing Biodiversity Information for Emergency Response”
    • Abigail J. Findley : “OSRL – EARL Alliance : the Oil Industry response to oil spills 2002”
    • Dimitris C. Mitsatsos : “A Greek initiative towards pollution prevention and safety at sea”
    • Cornelius de Keyzer : “To be disposed or not to be disposed”
    • E. Amato, L. Alcaro, A. Ausili, T. Chieruzzi, C. Farchi, M. G. Finoia, M. Penna and M. Tufano : “Fingerprinting of Bitumen residues following an emulsified Bitumen spill in the Gulf of Asinara, North West Sardinia, Italy.
    • Sarah Wanless and T.Thomas : “Rehabilitation and survival of oiled Common Guillemots (Uria aalge) in the U.K”
    • Cornelius de Keyzer : “The introduction of alien biota by ship’s ballast water”
    • Hugo Nijkamp, Antonio Di Natale and Jim Conroy : “Oiled wildlife response : the importance of pre-spill planning and cooperation”
    • Martin Heubeck : “The Impact of oil pollution on seabird populations of the United Kingdom during the past 25 years”
    • Sophie Le Dréan-Quénec’hdu, E. Risi and M. l’Hostis : « Research on the impact from oil pollution on seabirds after the Erika wreck »
    • Leslie Gordon Underhill : “Recommendations in relation to Penguin monitoring after Oil Spills”
    • Barbara Callahan : “The Prestige Oil Spill in Galicia, Spain ; November 2002”
    • Barbara Callahan (IFAW), Eugenio Cossu (Asinara Nat. Park) and Xaver Monbailliu (MEDMARAVIS) : “The Asinara Declaration”
    • List of Participants
    • Members of Conference Steering Committee
    • Addresses of Organizing Institution

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