Monitoring and Conservation of Birds, Mammals and Sea Turtles of the Mediterranean and Black Seas.

Introductory talk
The convention on Migratory Species and it related agreements as a tool for the conservation of birds, mammals and sea-turtles in the Mediterranean and Black Seas.

Seabirds : distribution and ecology

  • MAYOL-SERRA, J., AGUILAR, J-S. and YESOU, P. : “The Balearic Shearwater (Puffinus mauretanicus) : status and threats”.
  • CRIVELLI, A.J., CATSADORAKIS, G., HATZILACOU, D.,  HULEA, D., MALAKOU, M., MARINOV, M., MICHEV, T., NAZIRIDES, T., PEJA, SARIGUL, G. and SIKI, M. : “Status and population development of Great White Pelican (Pelecanus onocrotalus) and Dalmatian Pelican (Pelecanus crispus) breeding in the Palearctic”.
  • PEJA, N. : “The Dalmatian Pelican (Pelecanus crispus) in Albania.
  • CRIVELLI, A.J., NAZIRIDES, T., CATSADORAKIS, G., HULEA, D., MALAKOU, MARINOV, M., SHOGOLEV, I. : “Status and population development of Pygmy Cormorant (Phalacrocorax pygmeus) breeding in the palearctic”.
  • RUFRAY, X. : “Present knowledge of the distribution and ecology of the Armenian Gull (Larus armenicus)”.
  • ORO, D., BECCETTI, N., BOUKHALFA, D., EKEN, G., HILI, A., GOUTNER, V., KARAUZ, S., PAPACONSTANTINOU, C., RECORBERT, B., RUIZ, X. : “Current breeding distribution and status of Audouin’s Gull (Larus audouinii) in the Mediterranean.
  • J. van der WINDEN : “WIWO-studies in the Mediterranean and Black Seas : numbers, migration and ecology of gulls and terns in coastal wetlands”.
  • BEAUBRUN, P., DAVID, L., RUFRAY, X. and CONEJERO S. : “Offshore distribution of breeding seabirds in the continental margin of the northwestern Mediterranean Sea, from Valencia to Rome in July 1993”.
  • CONEJERO, S. and BEAUBRUN, P. : “Cory’s Shearwater (Calonectris diomedea) and Levantine Shearwater (Puffinus yelkouan) in the Gulf of Lions during July 1994
  • KARAUZ, S., Cem. O. KIRAC, EKEN, G. : “Mediterranean Gull (Larus melanocephalus), Slender-billed Gull (Larus genei) and Gull-billed Tern (Gelochelidon nilotica) in Turkey.
  • BORG, J.J. : “The Importance of vegetation on the choice of nesting sites by Cory’s Shearwater (Calonectris diomedea) in Malta. Preliminary Results.
  • VIDAL, E., ROCHE, P., BONNET, V. and MANTE, A. : “Habitat selection and nest density distribution in a colony of Yellow-legged Gulls (Larus cachinnans)”.
  • SANCHEZ, A. and BELDA, J. : “Incidental catch of Seabirds in longline fisheries around Columbretes Islands (Spain), Mediterranean Sea”.


Seabirds : techniques and networks

  • UNDERHILL, L.G. : “Estimating trends in populations”.
  • L. Dall’ANTONIA, RIBOLINI, A., BENVENUTI, S. : “Homing behaviour and foraging strategies of seabirds studied by bird-borne data loggers
  • BACCETTI, N., L. Dall’ANTONIA, MAGNANI, A. and SERRA, L. : “Foraging routes of Audouin’s Gulls (Larus audouinii) from two Sardinian colonies”.
  • HEIDRICH, P., AMENGUAL, J., RISTOW, D., WINK, M. : “Phylogenetic relationship among Procellariiformes based on nucleotide sequences, with special consideration of the Mediterranean and North Atlantic Shearwaters”.
  • HASHMI, D. : “Opportunities for monitoring seabirds and cetaceans in the Strait of Gibraltar”.
  • BIORET, F., KOKOVKIN, T., RITA, J., SAID, A.R. : “Archipelago, a network of biosphere reserves : an example of integrated studies of landscape evolution in insular environments”.
  • SADOUL, N., HECKER, N., HAFNER, H. : “A network for monitoring breeding numbers and distribution of Mediterranean colonial water birds”.
  • ROSELLI, A., MILANESI, G., DONATO, M. : “The Mediterranean Natural History Museum : 20 years of research on sea animals. New projects for the future”.


Important Sites for Seabirds

  • RUDENKO, A.G., YAREMCHENKO, O.A. : “Colonial seabird monitoring in the Black Sea biosphere reserve (Ukraine) : concept, techniques and census results”.
  • EKEN, G., MAGNIN G., : “Using seabirds for the protection of the Koya basin, Central Turkey”.
  • APLINGTION, G.J., FOZZI, A., PISU, D., PUDDINU, L. : “The cliff-nesting birds (non-passeriformes) of the Capo Caccia peninsula, Sardinia, Italy : status and proposed conservation measures”.
  • BOUKHALFA, D. : “New data on numbers and space use by Audouin’s Gulls (Larus audouinii) and Eleonora’s Falcon (Falco eleonorae) on Habibas Islands, Algeria”.
  •  FOZZI, PISU, D., APLINGTON, G.J., PUDDINU, L. : “The Sternidae population of north-western Sardinia (Italy) : status, threat and conservation measures”.
  • DIES, J.I. : “Habitat Management for gulls and terns at l’Albufera de Valencia (West-Mediterranean). Preliminary results”.


Sea turtles and cetaceans

  • MARGARITOULIS, D. : “Marine turtles in the Mediterranean : population status and conservation”.
  • SARYGUL, G. : “Loss of the most important Green Turtle (Chelonia mydas) nesting beach in the Eastern Mediterranean : the Kazanli, Mersin (Turkey).
  • MESCHINI, P., MANCUSI, C., NICOLOSI, P., ROSELLI A. : “Sea turtles recovered in the south Ligurian and north-central Tyrrhenian Seas”.
  • BEAUBRUN, P., OZTRUK, B. : “Review of the present knowledge on the distribution of cetaceans in the Mediterranean and Black Seas”.
  • BEAUBRUN, P., DAVID, L., DI-MEGLIO, N., AIROLDI, S., POLITI, E., JAHODA, M., ZANARDELLI, M., G.N. di SCIARA : “ Programme Poseidon in the Corso-Ligurian-Provencal cetacean sanctuary : comparative distribution of cetaceans and human activities”.
  • VELLA, A. : “Cetacean research and conservation around the Maltese Islands”.
  • BAYED, A.: “Observation of marine mammals in Moroccan waters”.
  • DAVID, L., RUFRAY, X., BEAUBRUN, P. : “Cetacean and seabird sightings along two transects Toulon (France) to Port Said (Egypt)”.
  • BEAUBRUN, P., DAVID, L., DI-MEGLIO, N., GANNIER, A., GANNIER, O. : « First aerial survey of cetaceans in the north-western Mediterranean : preliminary results ».
  • GANNIER, A., DAVID L. : “Day and night contribution of the Striped Dolphin (Stenella coeruleoalba) in the area off Antibes, Ligurian Sea”.

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