Mediterranean  Marine Avifauna

Preface by the honourable Dr.Giorgio Carta, Sardinian Minister for the Environment.

Introduction and Acknowledgments

Chapter 1 : National Census Surveys

  • Mauro FASOLA : “Laridae and Sternidae breeding in Italy : Report on the 1982-84 Census Project”.
  • Attilio Mocci DEMARTIS : ”Seabirds of the Southern Sardinian Islets”.
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  • Bruno MASSA and Adelaide CATALISANO : “Status and Conservation of the Storm Petrel in Sicily”.
  • John WALMSLEY : “The Status of Breeding Storm Petrels on the Mediterranean Coast of France”.

Chapter 2 : Data Banks and Census Techniques+

  • Georges HEMERY, Eric PASQUET and Pierre YESOU : “Data Banks and population Monitoring in France”.
  • Peter G.H. EVANS : “Monitoring Seabirds in the North Atlantic”.
  • Elizabeth Anne SCHREIBER and Ralph W. SCHREIBER : “Seabird Census and Study Techniques”.

Chapter 3 : Population Control of Invading Species

  • Patricia BRADLEY : “The Breeding Biology of Audouin’s Gull at the Chafarinas Islands”.
  • Juan M. VARELA and Eduardo de JUANA : “The Larus cachinnans Colony of the

Chafarinas Islands”.

  • Xaver MONBAILLIU and Antonio TORRE : “Nest-site Selection and Interaction of Yellow-legged and Audouin’s Gulls at Isola dell’Asinara”.

Chapter 4 : Demography and Population Fluctuations

  • Pierandrea BRICHETTI and Ugo F. FOSCHI : “Breeding Ecology of Laridae and Sternidae in the Comacchio Wetlands and Recent Population Trends”.
  • Xavier FERRER and Albert MARTINEZ-VILALTA : “Fluctuations of the Gull and Tern Populations in the Ebro Delta, north-east Spain, 1960-85”.
  • Paul ISENMANN, Alan JOHNSON and John WALMSLEY : “Fluctuations of the Laridae of the Rhône Delta over the past 30 years, 1956-85”.
  • Bruno MASSA and Marco LO VALVO : “Biometrical and Biological Considerations on the Cory’s Shearwater”.
  • Eric CARRERA and Jordi GARCIA-PETIT : “The Importance of the Iberian Mediterranean Coast as a Wintering Area for Gulls and Terns”.

Chapter 5 : Impact Assessment

  • George M. DUNNET, H.Q.P. CRICK and Sherif BAHA EL DIN : “Barawil Lagoon Baseline Environmental Study and Vulnerability to Oil-Pollution”.
  • Marco LAMBERTINI and Claudio LEONZIO : ‘Pollutant Levels and their Effects on Mediterranean Seabirds”.
  • Juan MAYOL SERRA : “Human impact on Seabirds in the Balearic islands”.
  • Ralph W. SCHREIBER and Elizabeth Anne SHREIBER : “Christmas Islands (Pacific Ocean) Seabirds and the El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO) : 1984 Perspectives”.
  • Antonio M. TEIXEIRA : “Winter Mortality of Seabirds on the Portuguese Coast”.

Chapter 6 : Conservation and Wildlife Management

  • Joe SULTANA : “Seabird Conservation Problems in the Maltese Islands”.
  • Vassilis GOUTNER : “Distribution, Status and Conservation of the Mediterranean Gull in Greece”.
  • Helmar SCHENK and Antonio TORRE : “Breeding Distribution, numbers and Conservation of Seabirds in Sardinia, 1978-85”.
  • Giuseppe BOGLIANI : “Conservation Priorities for Seabirds in Italy”.

Chapter 7 : Poster Sessions

  • A. ANDREOTTI et al. : “Seasonal Fluctuations of Gulls in Liguria”.
  • Nicola BACCETTI : “Wintering Population of the Common Cormorant in Tuscany, Italy”.
  • Francesco BARBIERI : “Some indications of Laridae in Albania”.
  • Enrico BENUSSI : ”Status of the Populations of Larus cachinnans and Sterna hirundo nesting in Istria and Northern Dalmatia”.
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  • Jordi GARCIA PETIT et al. : “Urban Nesting of Yellow-legged Gulls in Barcelona”.
  • Pierre YESOU : “Balearic Shearwaters in Western France”.

The Alghero Declaration of 1986
English, French, Italian and Spanish texts.

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