In 1986, the first Mediterranean Seabird Conference at Alghero (Sardinia)  drafted the ALGHERO DECLARATION which called for the full protection of the most important coastal sites in the Mediterranean region such as the Columbretres islets (Spain), the islet of Filfla (Malta), the North Sporades archpelago in Greece and the islands of La Maddalena in Italy. They have been awarded legal status since.
MEDMARAVIS has been instrumental in creating the National Park of Isola dell’ Asinara, formerly  a high security prison North-West of Sardinia. This beautifull island of 51 sq. km and its adjacent infralittoral ecosystems are protected now as a National Park.
MEDMARAVIS continues to convince national and regional authorities to protect coastal and marine biotopes of high patrimonial interest.

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