The various projects and commitments facing MEDMARAVIS cannot be executed without the necessary financial backing and sponsorship.
Because of budgetary constraints, governments are increasingly reluctant to finance research expeditions, conferences, publications and conservation projects.
Accordingly, MEDMARAVIS launches an appeal to sympathisers, trusts and private companies to sponsor any of the following projects:

1. Logistic aid for the Inventory of unexplored seabird colonies in Croatia, Greece and Turkey.

2. Mediterranean Seabird Data Bank and Atlas: mapping of breeding, feeding, moulting and wintering areas of seabirds.

3. Impact assessment of crude oil on seabird populations.

4. Publication of the edited volume : Oil Pollution and Conservation of marine wildlife.

5. Protection of breeding sites to ensure  satisfactory population levels for threatened coastal

6. Sponsorship of the 3rd Alghero Forum on Coastal and Marine Biodiversity in the Mediterranean.

7. Long-term Monitoring of strategic seabird colonies in the Mediterranean.

8. Set-up of an observatory of seabird colonies impacted by pollution, over-fishing, development, invasion by predators.

9. Editing of an informative book for staff of municipalities and local authorities on management of coastal areas and islets of high ecological interest.

10. Research on populations and habitat requirements of the 10 threatened bird species to be added to Annex 2 of the MAP Biodiversity Protocol.

11. Logistic aid for the establishment of National Action Plans (in the framework of the Mediterranean Action Plan, UNEP) for the conservation of endangered bird species in the Mediterranean.

12. Research on the identification of Important Seabird Areas in the Mediterranean Sea.

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