Save the last natural coasts in the Mediterranean


MEDMARAVIS is an international non-governmental association dealing with the study and conservation of coastal habitats  and marine avifauna throughout the Mediterranean region.
It propagates the importance of the seabirds’ rôle in the ecosystem.
Mediterranean seabirds breed in the few remaining unspoilt coasts, seacliffs and small islands which also harbour threatened endemic species of animals and plants. In some regions, the last seaturtles, Ospreys and Monk Seals find there a chance for their survival.
The main objective of MEDMARAVIS is to study and to protect these coastal biotopes and to monitor their wildlife.

Main Activities

MEDMARAVIS, enjoying a network of marine biologists, ornitologists and conservationists, organizes a major seabird conference every three years. It's engaged in the compilation of a conservation strategy for the Mediterranean.
MEDMARAVIS, also organizes specialized workshops and seminars on coastal management, oil pollution and island ecosystems. A present, MEDMARAVIS is preparing with other fifty natural history assiocations the 3rd Alghero Forum on conservation of coastal and marine biodiversity. MEDMARAVIS publishes volumes on seabird ecology and conservation of coastal habitats. It encourages governments and local authorities to protect the last wild coastal ecosystems in the Mediterranean.

Future Conferences

13th MEDMARAVIS Pan-Mediterranean Symposium.
14 - 17th Octobre 2011, Alghero, Sardinia.
Conference theme: Mediterranean Seabird Ecology and Conservation : Update and Progress

Conference programme attached

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